Wednesday 8 August 2007

Going Mad and Getting Mad

Una brought this to mind by posting a photo of Lauren Hill (where did it all go wrong). Lauren is not in Oz though, (she's in Crazyland) but she does strangely resemble Michael Jackson (where did it all go wrong part deux) as Scarecrow in The Wiz, so digging around to find a comparison shot I dug this up.

This video is actually pretty nifty, Quincy Jones arranged the music for this Mowtown adaptation of The Wizard Of Oz, and bizarrely it was directed by Sydney Lumet (where did it all go wrong III)

Before making The Wiz, Lumet made Network about an anchorman Howard Beale whose supposed slip into insanity is turned into a ratings grabber, it's one of my favourite movies and obviously best watched in its entirety however here are a collection of clips from it. Soooo prescient, soooo quotable.

For an example of its quotableness check out Ricks blog header.

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