Tuesday 7 August 2007

Charity You're A Star

WTF (!) (?)

I'm not even going to link to anything (although there are some horrors lurking on youtube) Google if you must, it's not a journey I want to be directly responsible for sending anyone on.
One thing I will say though, the show is getting the treatment it deserves from Sean Ban Breathnach.


OneForTheRoad said...

it's a very loose definition of the word 'celebrity'.

And Brian Ormond is a very loose definition of 'competent television presenter'.

UnaRocks said...

I'm addicted. Can't believe the Roses and Joe are gone.


Critical Junk said...

I'm letting you off the hook for this on the grounds that rubbish weather has led you to stray from your rightful place at 8.30 on a Wednesday August evening, which is on a roof somewhere drinking Corona or Mojitos or a combination of the two.

Sabre said...

the ironic thing is that with all tha rain the garden mint is out of control...mojitos and a chinese in front of Charity Eurostar, anyone?