Thursday 28 August 2008

American Prayer!

One For The Road brought this to my attention, I wonder if it will have an impact, and if so, what kind?

Getting ready for the Electric Picnic

In the middle of a really busy week this week so I've had to be tres organised so I wouldn't end up stressing. Last year, we left the packing too late and ended up scrambling around for torches and chargers into the wee hours so I was pretty sleepy on the Friday. I've been making a concerted effort this week to get enough sleep so I have all the energy I need!
So far things are going to plan and we're more or less on schedule, the plan is to depart straight after the show tomorrow in a mini convoy so by Lunchtime I fully intend to be kicking back with some bubbly and a BBQ. Yes indeed, we are bring the Bling to EP '08, and rain hail or shine, (and I'm going for shine) we are going to be fine.
Running times are still being posted on The EP site, but have been leaking out all week anyway, you gan get them here, here and here, The latter being in a handy downloadable format!!
I am totally going to Dark Room Notes, Santogold, Joan As Policewoman, The Breeders, Grace Jones, The Gossip, and I'll be checking out Martina Topely Bird in Body and Soul and Lou Rhodes on the Jazz Stage thingy, along with Ibrahim Electric...and that's just the start of it, it's going to be pretty hectic, who knows where we'll end up really!  If you are looking for a hot tip, check out R.S.A.G in body and soul for a Saturday breakfast treat! Have a great weekend and see you at the picnic!

Thursday 21 August 2008

Lenny Kravitz at Marley Park

Rocked. Rocked. Rocked. And Yes, those are pictures of Lenny throwing himself at the crowd. Best Gig This Year.
Alanis was pretty cool too, she played for about an hour, but the sound was a bit dodge. 
When Lenny came on he tore it up, sound was pumped, and he is probably the sexiest man I have ever seen on stage. He was loving it too....

Tuesday 19 August 2008

Guilty Pleasure for a Tuesday

Because I know what it means,
To walk along the lonely street of dreams......
Sometimes the only thing that's gonna give you a lift is a no holds barred power ballad, punch your hands in the air and give it up for Whitesnake.

Soooo playing this on the show tomorrow....

Wednesday 13 August 2008

Atsushi Kaga at the Butler Gallery

I'm a big fan of Atsushi Kagas work and if you happen to be in Kilkenny over the next while I seriously recommend you take the time to pop in to the Butler Gallery and have a look at his exhibition, fabulously titled

"I want to give love to socially neglected parts of you, that’s my mission."

The Exhibition is divided up into four sections,
A room of his smaller drawings, many of which are hilarious.
A room with 3 huge drawings including the piece "I want to give love to socially neglected parts of you, that’s my mission." which I would Kill to have in the foyer of my office (if I had a foyer)
A room with his recent oil paintings which mostly feature his usual protaganist Bunny, and are a combination of Bottecelli meets Caravaggio.

And a room with an installation that is so cool it's heartbreaking to think it will be painted over when the exhibition is finished, so I took some photos, there are 8 TV's in total and I WANT ONE!!!!

Ross Stewart - Sound Off

Ross Stewart injects dark humour into serious issues at the Kilkenny Arts Festival

The Joy at Red Space

Last night we went along to the opening of a new gallery in Dublin, The Joy, situated in the ever evolving Red Space on Rutland Lane. It was pouring down but nonetheless the launch was really well attended.

We had a bit of fun with The Goldfish Project By Layla O'Mara which involved jotting down thoughts inspired by the cups placed on a table in their associated notebooks while listening to music. Thats me in the picture being inspired.

I am looking forward to seeing what kind of shows emerge from the space.

Monday 11 August 2008

Bunny on a fridge

As part of the Atsushi Kaga Exhibition in the Butler Gallery, which I will be blogging more about later, Atsushi has been giving out drawings for people to bring home and upload on to his Bunny on a Fridge Project site. I haven't uploaded mine yet, but I will be soon, in the meantime I took a video of him drawing my bunny!

The Script Album Launch

Up and coming Dublin Band The Script had an Album Launch in St Catherines Church on Thomas St on Friday Night and I went along with John McEvoy. They are getting a major push from SonyBMG at the mo and are straight to No1 with a bullet on the iTunes Music charts. They are a little like a slightly rougher version of Maroon 5. At the launch they played a live set and proved to be fairly tight on stage. The singer keyboardists is showing signs of a rapidly developing charisma which harnessed would make him irresistible to teeny boppers everywhere and the band have an easy rapport on stage. My favourite track from the set was Rusty Halos because they were just hitting their stride on stage and tore it up. They closed with a cover of Bowies Heroes, which I think they played more for themselves than the crowd. They should stick to their own material, it's good enough.

Friday 1 August 2008