Monday 29 September 2008

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin strikes again

Took this from Una, Tina Fey has reprised her role as Sarah Palin in this Saturday Night Live spoof interview. Amy Poehlers Katie Couric is just as funny as Tina Feys Palin

Lost in Dublin

Snapped these in Donnybrook at the weekend, they've been there a while. They're the work of Dublin street artist Asbestos, parts of his Lost Series. 

Friday 19 September 2008

Take away lunch from AYA

After this mornings breakfast meeting that ended without a breakfast, I had to do a few bits and pieces in town. It was lunchtime and I was hungry, and I didn't have much time to queue or sit in some place. Normally I bring my own lunch in, but not on fridays, because I have breakfast out.
A sandwich is the obvious answer but I'm low-to-no wheat at the moment so I got a take away from the new hot food counter at Aya behind Brown Thomas. This is such a good deal! They have four different hot dishes ready to go with rice and it's €6 for a meal, or, if there are 2 of you, €11 for two. I had the thai curry and it was delicious, plus it's more like a dinner. I don't usually consider Aya to be good value, but this is a recession busting deal.

€6 is £3.93 in old money, these are 1990's prices folks!

Someone told me that since the current turmoil in global stock markets had kicked off we had lost 10 years in economic progress, it had simply been wiped out. If that's not a reason to start talking in punts I don't know what is.

I ate my lunch in the park behind Dublin Castle, beside the Chester Beatty. The only people who ever take the time to enjoy this park are tourists, which is a real shame.

Breakfast at the Sixty Six on Georges St.

Every Friday John and I have a breakfast meeting after the show, somewhere in town. There are surprisingly few places that do decent breakfast, and we've tried most of them. Recently we've been making the Sixty Six a regular haunt, mostly because there is always a seat at the window, and this makes for decent people watching on Georges St. John likes it because the Open Skillet, a full Irish with all the trimmings, is pretty decent and sets you up for the day. I'm not really a Fry up kinda girl but there's plenty more on the menu. Last time we were there the coffee was burnt (I think their machine was dirty) but today the coffee was OK.
My breakfast, on the other hand was not. I ordered scrambled eggs with tomato and potato, pretty safe, and straightforward, I'd had the scrambled eggs there before and they were nice. Today, however they were dry, and stone cold, The potatoes were hot, the tomatoes lukewarm so I guess it was a case of bad timing in the kitchen. I sent them back, and a few minutes the plate was returned, with the exact same eggs, just hotter. I went back up to the manageress and asked if they had microwaved the plate, turns out they had shoved it under a hot grill, so now I had dried up potatoes and tomatoes and crunchy, reheated scrambled eggs. No Thanks.

The place was empty, it always is on a friday morning, except for us, and we won't be back.

Friday 12 September 2008

Meeting David Sedaris

I went to a David Sedaris reading organised by Waterstones in the Westin Hotel last night. The reading was in a really beautiful room, I'd forgotten all about the Westin until now actually, probably because the bar is a bit dark and claustrophobic.
The Waterstones crew were out in force in green David Sedaris t-shirts, it was sold out and they must have been expecting a rush at the door. There were 4 of us and as we walked in I simply followed the lead saying "I'm with them" assuming they could see all the tickets, "Hold On", the Waterstone snapped, "Step back behind the line", my immediate impulse was to hold my arms out to be searched, after some confusion we were allowed in. Inside there was another kerfuffle over seating as one of the Waterstones wanted to seat us far away on the outer edges even though the place was still empty, we stood our ground and took centre seats.
The reading was was warm, funny and perfectly delivered, here's a reading from This American Life about the meaning of Jazz.

And something from Letterman

Tremendous Calamity

If you're around town over the next while go and have a look at the David Godbold exhibition Art, Drugs and Prayer in The Kerlin, the drawings on the first floor are particularly mad and funny!