Tuesday 14 August 2007

Brave or Boring?

The PostSecret phenomenon continues, there are three books out and now, a neat little video hawking the whole thing online. While obviously there is a voyeuristic appeal to this, I must admit, I also think it's pretty depressing.

Is nobody out there happy?

On his blog creator Frank Warren writes "I hope you find the secrets as meaningful and moving as I do"....well maybe...if they weren't so repetitive as to completely dilute any meaning they might have had.

Frank recently took a break from posting his regular Sunday Secrets prompting online panic that he had disappeared (someone even called the police!) turns out he was just on holiday and now promises to continue posting secrets for another 130 weeks - except for this week when he posted his video.....

I can't help wondering if the general overall melancholy of his sucessful blog is getting to him?

All you really need to know about PostSecret is covered in this video, suitably tearful/inspiring music included.

Isn't PostSecret just opportunistic naval gazing?

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