Friday 3 August 2007

Re Version

Mark Ronson has done a "re-version" of Bob Dylans Most Likely You'll Go Your Way, from Blonde On Blonde, The Dap Kings are all screeching horns instead of the ubiquitous Dylan Mouth Organ, it's pretty cool, although I think he may be in danger of completely overkilling on his style. Anyway, Kudos for taking the risk Mr. Ronson, there is a natural blues link between the Dap Kings and Blonde on Blonde so I think it actually works quite well.
It's all part of a DEFINITIVE BOB DYLAN RETROSPECTIVE set for release on Oct 1st. In terms of marketing Dylan for a new generation it looks like a neat package. Its called DYLAN and the tag line is Everything Except Compromise! (wow) The 3 CD set, 51 track "definitive collection" of Dylan tracks spanning 5 decades will be released concurrently with an "18 Song Best Of Collection" (no less definitive one imagines?)
One thing I will say is Dylan sounds a lot punchier on the re version than he does on my copy of Blonde On Blonde.


OneForTheRoad said...

I don't know...I think that his version of "Stop Me.." was pretty awful.

Basically what he's doing nowadays is a critically acceptable version of those people who do dance versions of Journey.

At least his first album was somewhat original.

OneForTheRoad said...

feel free to use the line!

i'll be expecting a big juicy plug for the blog live on air in return though!