Thursday 16 August 2007

Electric Picnic 2005

While waiting patiently for this years festival here is a mini memory of The Electric Picnic 2005, me, my kid sister H and a large jug of Prosecco (nice)

I wonder if the "phone quality photo" will become a popular thing to replicate in the future, a filter option effect for a regular shot, like Sepia, B&W etc....

And here is the 2005 logo....This was the year that "Broke" Arcade Fire into the mainstream here, if I remember correctly they opened with Wake Up, and the entire tent joined in, it was, appropriately enough, electrifying


Lil Sista! said...

Ah - the hazy, hazy memories!
Good times!

Bring on EP 2007!

OneForTheRoad said...

I was at 2004 - had to stay in a B&B in Portlaoise as there was no camping. the Bank machines were bled dry by 12pm on the Saturday, but it was an absolute scorcher, and we watched the ireland v Cyprus match in the dance tent on a huge screen while knocking back lovely cool pints before having a boogie to Arrested Development.

Good times.

RapturePonies said...

aahhhhh old school retro!
i was there for arcade fire, on my own cos no one had heard of them!

now that was quality!