Friday 12 September 2008

Meeting David Sedaris

I went to a David Sedaris reading organised by Waterstones in the Westin Hotel last night. The reading was in a really beautiful room, I'd forgotten all about the Westin until now actually, probably because the bar is a bit dark and claustrophobic.
The Waterstones crew were out in force in green David Sedaris t-shirts, it was sold out and they must have been expecting a rush at the door. There were 4 of us and as we walked in I simply followed the lead saying "I'm with them" assuming they could see all the tickets, "Hold On", the Waterstone snapped, "Step back behind the line", my immediate impulse was to hold my arms out to be searched, after some confusion we were allowed in. Inside there was another kerfuffle over seating as one of the Waterstones wanted to seat us far away on the outer edges even though the place was still empty, we stood our ground and took centre seats.
The reading was was warm, funny and perfectly delivered, here's a reading from This American Life about the meaning of Jazz.

And something from Letterman

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