Friday 19 September 2008

Take away lunch from AYA

After this mornings breakfast meeting that ended without a breakfast, I had to do a few bits and pieces in town. It was lunchtime and I was hungry, and I didn't have much time to queue or sit in some place. Normally I bring my own lunch in, but not on fridays, because I have breakfast out.
A sandwich is the obvious answer but I'm low-to-no wheat at the moment so I got a take away from the new hot food counter at Aya behind Brown Thomas. This is such a good deal! They have four different hot dishes ready to go with rice and it's €6 for a meal, or, if there are 2 of you, €11 for two. I had the thai curry and it was delicious, plus it's more like a dinner. I don't usually consider Aya to be good value, but this is a recession busting deal.

€6 is £3.93 in old money, these are 1990's prices folks!

Someone told me that since the current turmoil in global stock markets had kicked off we had lost 10 years in economic progress, it had simply been wiped out. If that's not a reason to start talking in punts I don't know what is.

I ate my lunch in the park behind Dublin Castle, beside the Chester Beatty. The only people who ever take the time to enjoy this park are tourists, which is a real shame.

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