Thursday 28 August 2008

Getting ready for the Electric Picnic

In the middle of a really busy week this week so I've had to be tres organised so I wouldn't end up stressing. Last year, we left the packing too late and ended up scrambling around for torches and chargers into the wee hours so I was pretty sleepy on the Friday. I've been making a concerted effort this week to get enough sleep so I have all the energy I need!
So far things are going to plan and we're more or less on schedule, the plan is to depart straight after the show tomorrow in a mini convoy so by Lunchtime I fully intend to be kicking back with some bubbly and a BBQ. Yes indeed, we are bring the Bling to EP '08, and rain hail or shine, (and I'm going for shine) we are going to be fine.
Running times are still being posted on The EP site, but have been leaking out all week anyway, you gan get them here, here and here, The latter being in a handy downloadable format!!
I am totally going to Dark Room Notes, Santogold, Joan As Policewoman, The Breeders, Grace Jones, The Gossip, and I'll be checking out Martina Topely Bird in Body and Soul and Lou Rhodes on the Jazz Stage thingy, along with Ibrahim Electric...and that's just the start of it, it's going to be pretty hectic, who knows where we'll end up really!  If you are looking for a hot tip, check out R.S.A.G in body and soul for a Saturday breakfast treat! Have a great weekend and see you at the picnic!

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