Thursday 7 February 2008

Who says race isn't an issue?

The much lauded Super Tuesday has come and gone and the only thing it really determined was that I make some pretty fabulous pancakes - actually probably the BEST EVER pancakes.

Republican Mitt Romney, has dropped out leaving John Mc Cain to battle it out with Mike Huckabee for the Grand Old Party nomination .
Though there has been a lot of heat around Obama and Clinton and how close the race is between them, Mc Cain has been trundling along securing a lot of support and being...well...kind of inoffensive. I've got to admit, this is starting to worry me.

The thing is that the Democratic vote is split down the middle, and a hell of a lot of energy has to be spent between now and decision time. The unfortunate reality is that closing in on the actual presidential election half of the democratic voting public are going to experience huge disappointment as their chosen one, Clinton or Obama, fails to make the cut. The winning nominee is then faced with trying to win over voters who up until the eleventh hour, were hoping and praying they wouldn't be running. After all that, will enough democrats take to the polls, come election day? You see, if Super Tuesday had been the deciding factor, disappointed Obama fans, or disappointed Clinton fans, whichever, would have a whole heap of time to get over themselves and focus on getting a democrat back in the Whitehouse. There's going to be a lot of election fatigue out there.
Meanwhile, there's Mc Cain, with all that time to look presidential and......well.....ornery (that matters to Americans I think)

So, I'm wondering, Maybe Mc Cain??

Meanwhile, I think Scroobius Pip wrote this for Christocrat Huckabee and Morman Mitt.

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