Monday 10 September 2007

The VMAs etc

Britney Spears comeback bombed at the US MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas.

Kanye performed at the VMAs but in a suite, not like Britney, on the main stage , he's a bit peeved

Rolling Stone have a funny live blog which sums the VMAs up neatly.

They are also running a cover of the Kanye - 50 Cent face off (yawn) that everyone is hyping because they are both rappers and releasing an album on the same day. (My)
Interestingly they also have a video interview "Imagining the Future of Hip-Hop at the Rolling Stone Cover Shoot" which is mildly interesting but, in truth, they make more sense on their records. The Ticket on Friday had a good piece on the ongoing hip hop debate.

By the way, this weekend I bought Kanye Wests Graduation, it's not as good as Late Registration.

I'm giving Fiddys album a miss as I'm bored with him. (sorry Jim)

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