Thursday 6 September 2007

Steve gives a little back to the fans

Hot on the tails of the launch of yet more iPods, a video nano, a 120 gb "classic" and a touch screen iPod that is basically an iPhone without the phone, Apple have announced that they are dropping the price of the iPhone by $200. This, obviously has upset some people. Everyone is used to the price of technology going down, but for it to happen so fast is a bit of a burn.
Don't Panic
After reading every single frustrated email from customers sent in to Apple, CEO Steve Jobs has written an open letter to iPhone owners promising each and every one $100 back!
Granted, this will probably take the shape of an Apple Store voucher so they can console themselves with a shiny new shuffle, but the sentiment is not bad, as long as it doesn't come in a box.

The nano ad features Feist track 1234 and is actually kinda cool!

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