Friday 24 August 2007

Big Band, Small Stage

I went to see Mark Ronson in the Village last night, the gig was originally scheduled for the Olympia but got moved (ticket sales?) The place was tightly packed and although the doors opened at 7.30, the band didn't come on til 9.30. With no support act, too long a wait i think. The Village is not a venue for hanging around in.

Maybe there was no support because the band could barely fit the stage as it was, 3 guys on horns (The Haggis Horns) two drumkits, two guitars, keyboards, Mr Ronson, Daniel Merriweather, a rapper dude, and an excellent female was so much of a squeeze, the singers took turns coming on stage......

Were they good? Yes, they were tight funky excellent, there was great energy in the place and I was loving it.......until they exited stage left after 50 th th th that's all folks!!!

We had some free passes to the Mark Ronson DJ set in the VooDoo lounge but we passed.


OneForTheRoad said...

Voodoo Lounge eh....a wise decision!

Also, 50 minutes?! Who does he think he is? Barbara Streisand? The cheeky pup.

Critical Junk said...

I used to live near the VooDoo lounge and would sometimes drink in The Dice Bar, their bar clearance strategy at the end of the night involved handing out "VIP" passes to the Voodoo Lounge to all and sundry. There never were many takers.

Regarding the 50 minute set, someone told me they heard people giving out about it on the radio the next day...which is the end of it I suppose.