Tuesday 28 August 2007

Are you ready to Moli

As they say themselves, "Social Networking for grownups, create yours at moli.com".

I don't know how much of this networking malarkey I can take, This is a kind of last.fm type thing mixed in with general pop culture, news etc, oh and of course the all important networking bit. I initially thought it was pronounced Molly, as in Check out my Molly, but the take a tour video on the homepage pronounces it Mole - y. OOOO Kay.

It does seem to have some nice touches, like a calendar, you can set up your Moli the way you can tailorise your google homepage, if you have one, and you can create a moli for your Business, which I suppose is a little grown up to.

Browsing around the site I came across this article, which led me to this video, so I guess it's as good for time wasting as anywhere else.


OneForTheRoad said...

It's too much i tells ya.

I already have gmail, a blog, a facebook (to keep in touch with one person I know in Sweden who only uses facebook), a bebo (likewise for about 2 people) another email address for work, another one so that I can use MSN to keep in touch with someon who I met in Denmark, and fucking Skype (which is the best of the buncg except that no one uses it.

It usually takes me half an hour to log into any of them cos I have about 9 variations on the same username / password.


Critical Junk said...

Skype is great but you're right, no one uses it, I have a brother AND a sister abroad, we all have skype but for some reason we always end up on the mobile.

I, for one, am not ready to Moli!