Tuesday 3 July 2007

3121 reasons to buy The Daily Mail

Thanks to Peter for drawing my attention to this.

It seems that, to the tune of much spluttering and bewilderment from the "music industry", my man Prince has decided to give copies of his new CD Planet Earth away with the Daily Mail. Oh the Lunacy.

A spokesman for Prince stated the following on his official website

"Prince feels that charts are just music industry constructions and have little or no relevance to fans or even artists today. Prince's only aim is to get music direct to those that want to hear it. Prince famously took a stand against Warner Records in the nineties when he went on strike and appeared with the word 'slave' drawn on his cheek. Subsequently, he regained control of the publishing rights to his work, and broke down the existing system through his innovation."

What may also be causing some spluttering is the launch of a fragrance, 3121, to coincide with the tour and album. Eau the Lunacy.

Lucky ticket holders for his sold out concert run in London this Summer ( tickets were £31.21) will also be getting a free copy of the album. VIP tickets are still available at £235stg a pop....owe the lunacy anyone?


U2Slane said...

I'm glad to be of service. I thought you might have been interested in the freebie in the paper

U2Slane said...

Hey ya Sarah

Just to let you know I think the Olympia are selling tickets for REM at 4pm today for tonights gig..