Monday 18 June 2007

Are bands disposable?

While it is nice to support up and coming bands (well only if they are good) it is getting a little tiresome that after investing a decent dose of aural good will, they disband. Last year, after playing Grab That Gun and particularly the track Brother to death, The Organ called it a day. The Immediate, another favourite also threw in the towel, and one of my most liked tracks this year, Breathe Deeper by The Mescalitas is, it fact, their final opus.
It used to be cool to say I was in to them before they were famous, nowadays it's more a case of I liked them before they split up.

So while they are still with us check out Friendly Fires
(Is this what EP07 will resemble?)


Dave's Dilemma said...

you said it yourself...played to death!! Believe it or not, people actually get sick of hearing the same song over and over again. Maybe each time you play one you could call it "Sarah's kiss of death"...might even take over from the
At least John's choices are usually already dead and

Critical Junk said...

Sick of playing The Mescalitas?...never!