Wednesday 25 March 2009

Some thoughts on the RTE Storyland voting system.

I have voted for a show on Storyland, and, for the record, I voted for Running Low - I liked it the most... but I thought some of the others were pretty good too....

I think it might be an Idea in the future to allow tiered voting, you know, your top 6 choices in order of preference.

There are some really good arguments for this.
-- It encourages people who are simply visiting the Storyland site to vote for a particular show because of a good online campaign, to take a moment to watch a few more.
-- Because you can only vote for one if your choice gets knocked out in the first round why would you go back? The system as it is is getting people to invest in shows but not in Storyland overall.

Voting in order of preference means that if you are voting No 1 for a video that has a good campaign you are also voting for things based on your taste and how good you really think they are,and you're actually investing in Storyland itself. I think this method might throw up some interesting results and also build the Storyland brand a little better.
Let's face it, Storyland provides good oppurtunities for emerging and existing film makers so it would be nice to see the project survive until next year.

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