Monday 19 January 2009

Our pitch for RTE Storyland

Myself and LiveDrive producer extraordinaire John McEvoy submitted an idea to RTE for their Storyland project. The basic premise is that they will select 10 videos, put them on the RTE website and get viewers to vote for them. If your project gets selected, you get to make another episode, and so on until you get voted out or win.... They shortlisted 20 submissions and we were among the people who got to pitch. We were in with them today so fingers crossed...

Our show is called iCabalot, it's about a young philosophy graduate who unexpectedly inherits his dads taxi and discovers he has The Gift of the Cab.

This is the teaser trailer we made for our pitch.


storygas said...

Hi Sarah

Good luck with the pitch -- linked to your trailer here

All the best Neil

Sarah said...

Cheers Neil, I see you have most of the contenders on your blog, we should know by the end of the week.

bilkie said...

i'm interested - how can he have graduated from a 4year philosophy degree and still be 20 years old?

good luck with it

Sarah said...

Cheers, we're hopeful!!!