Tuesday 28 October 2008

Katherine Lynch's Wonderwomen etc.

Last night we gave Katherine Lynch's Wonderwomen a shot on RTE 2. I wanted to like this, I think it's cool that people are getting a chance to try things out and push the boat out a bit on RTE. Unfortunately we thought it was appalling, unwatchable rubbish, so bad that we only hung in there for about 3 minutes (and I'd like them back). Jesus, what is it with the notion that people wandering around with fake "Dobelin" accents acting like "eejits" are somehow automatically hilarious and entertaining?? Fail.
We flicked over to Seacht on BBC2 which is an Irish language teen soap that would be better suited to 6pm but nonetheless was a pretty good effort at college drama, pity RTE hadn't picked that up instead. Pass.

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