Friday 17 October 2008

Breakfast in Munchies in the Millennium Walkway

A while ago I had a breakfast that I thought was pretty lousy, but today that experience has been out done by the dreadfulness of the Munchies Full Irish.

It was cold in the restaurant and considering it's all glass and tiles it doesn't bode well as a hang out spot for the winter, brrrrrrr.

John got the full Irish and I opted for the vegi, I eat meat, I just didn't feel like it. The eggs don't look so good but in fairness they were probably the best thing on plate, though pretty greasy and messy looking, they did taste like a fried egg.
John couldn't tell the white pudding from the black pudding and he said the bacon was burnt at the edges from curling up under the grill.

Nothing was hot, except for the coffee which was good, and the toast, two decent thick slices.

The Vegi comprised of old burned cold bits of cold potato, some dirty beans that looked like they had fallen of someone else's fork a week ago, that's what they tasted like too. Ugh, my own fault for putting them in my mouth I guess. Those are vegi sausages on the plate, rubbery, hard, dry and a waste of space and as for the mushrooms...emmm...bleaugh.

The 2 breakfasts and 2 black coffees came to €22! Not cheap.

John summed it all up afterwards with one word, REVOLTING.

The Munchies strap line is Honest to Goodness. Honest to Goodness don't bother.

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