Thursday 12 June 2008

Vote Yes to Lisbon

I'm voting Yes today, and so should you.

If one more person tells me they are voting No the punish the Government I am going to hit the roof. (like dude, that's one of the many things elections are for, and this ain't that Duh)

Una Makes some pretty good points about the reasons for voting yes here, which I am in full agreement with, except for the bit about micro chips which I think are a little like cardboard.


Hazel said...

I microchipped my dogs - don't see why I shouldn't chip my hypothetical children too :-) (though not with Micro Chips, those things are not natural)

Someone told me online recently that they were voting No because "the government haven't provided the info I need to make a proper decision". They followed that up with a rant about how politicians all lie.

There are no words for people like that.

Sarah said...

Maddening that people take the time to rant but not to inform themselves.