Thursday 19 June 2008

Darklight? F*** Me.

The Darklight Film Festival, taking place in Dublin next week (seem to ) have created this video to, umm, I dunno, like, go viral on them or something. I say seem to because although Darklight branding is used, there is no mention of the video on the Darklight site.
For a festival that is so cutting edge, this is grim and disappointing fare indeed. The idea seems to be that vox popping people saying F**K is hilarious, hell, what do I know, maybe it is. Suffice to say my boat is not floated.
It's not that I'm against the F word mind you, and to prove it I'm posting a truly ingenious and hilarious scene from The Wire that uses the F word in all it's glory.

UPDATE - IF YOU CLICK ON THE LINK NOW YOU GET THE MESSAGE "This video has been removed by the user."

Hmmmmm....I wonder who had second thoughts?

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