Thursday 8 May 2008

The new Lighthouse opens it's doors

I went to the Lighthouse Cinema opening in Smithfield last night. It's a fantastic space with loads of seating and chilling areas and 4 great screens. All cinemas feature nice comfy seats with decent legroom. Screen 2, (pictured with Susan and Audrey seated) is the most colorful.

The film we saw was Priceless with Audrey Tatou, a frivolous french comedy that has a better title sequence than script. The print was a bit dusty but I guess that was because it's old (the movie was released in 2006). 

I'm looking forward to making regular trips to Smithfield, I think people are going to love the Lighthouse.


OFTR said...

About time they did something decent in Smithfield.

It's been about 8 years since they re-vamped it and left people with no reason to go there except for the fecking ice skating.

THRILLHO said...

oftr: have you read the Time Out guide to Dublin? They recommend the Glimmer Man as one of the 'must visit' pubs in Dublin. I lived across the road from it for two years and was still terrified to set foot in it.

I'm so happy the Lighthouse is open again. I fell in love with the original one just before they shut it down and it nearly broke my heart.

Sarah said...

@ oftr, it's about time, I agree, when those Gas Lights went up first it was really eerie around there, because there was NOTHING going on there.

@ Thrillho, the best way to judge a travel guide is their version of Dublin, if Time Out reckon the Glimmerman is a must visit you can steer clear of their guides for any other cities.

The Dice Bar used to be pretty good, I don't know what it's like now.

Sinéad said...

Loved the old Lighthouse, so I'm going to try and get there this week. Loving those coloured seats!

Chanberry said...

Is it expensive to see a film at the Lighthouse, or much the same as other cinemas? Would love to check it out, seems like a great little theatre.

sarah - The Dice Bar is still pretty decent, I'm often in there for pints. It has a real Manhattan feel to it, I think. Nice.

Sarah said...

Sinead, those coloured seats are groovy indeed, the other screens are a one colour deal, blue, red and I think green, this is the only multicoloured one, it's Screen 2.
Chanberry, it's €7.50 before 6pm and €9 after 6, or there abouts so I guess that's the same as elsewhere more or less. Nice to hear the Dice Bar hasn't changed, I must go back there sometime soon.