Tuesday 25 March 2008

Tuesday Miscellany

I went up the Sugarloaf yesterday, Monkey took some shots to prove it on the iPhone.

I don't think you can tell how windy it was in these photos, but what you can see are my amazing Electric Picnic '07 gaiters, which, thankfully I didn't need at the time. I'm glad they eventually got an outing,

Speaking of the Electric Picnic, according to Ticketmaster tickets go on sale on Friday for €240, a big wedge of cash to lay down considering the Line Up isn't being released until the following Wednesday. Keep your eye on their psychedelic website for details. 
There is an internet presale of the tickets from tomorrow morning so if you're dedicated to going, you can get in there ahead of the posse.

Being the mac fiend that I am, I got an iPhone, and mostly I am loving it but I'm kind of suprised it doesn't support MMS, I hadn't realised how often I sent and recieved photos until I couldn't. Pretty much everything else about it is perfect though.

I am now up to West Wing 4 in my DVD box set binge, it's all becoming a bit of a blur.

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