Wednesday 13 February 2008


Just as websites and videos go viral on the W, so does language, adding ies to the end off a word has been a recent trend (although it might now be so last yearsies, if so, byesies))
Heart is a current one doing the rounds, I heart this and I heart that as you do, and Rapture Ponies has just claimed it, (controversial)

Fads are off course nothing new, but maybe they could do with a new name for the digital age, (and why not) In the spirit of invention I offer Digiloop, in honour of the king of fads, the Hula Hoop.

For example, digilooping right now is the word heart, (and the word swede obv.)

Hmmm...perhaps it's a bit lame...any other suggestions?

I'm keeping "on the W" BTW


OneForTheRoad said...

Kind of related, I've started saying the word 'lol' in real life.

Ironically of course.

It's pathetic.

Sarah said...

I say WoTeFuf as in WTF regularly, though mostly just in my head, privately, suggest you do the same with LOL....

UnaRocks said...

'soes' is the new 'sies', as in hisoes, crysoes etc.

There ya go!

Sarah said...


RapturePonies said...


i've said lol a few times, but a friend of mine actualyl puts her hands in two l shapes beside her head, and uses her head as an o, in the lol.

Sarah said...

Back when "whatever" was the de riguer response of the day (before it became you know, whatever)and you used to make the W shape with your hands - palms out and joined at the thumbs) I used to do a version that started with the W inverted (ie. an M) and then flip it up, it represented MMMMMM....Whatever. I might start doing it again actually.