Monday 28 January 2008

Ellen is 50

OMG what age does that make me??!!!

Ellen Degeneres (who does a nice line in runners)reached a half century and marked it with a TV Special.

This is an karaoke style video that features a collection of celebrities singing I Will Survive by way of saying Happy Birthday to Ellen or some such thing, it features Posh Spice, Paris Hilton and Jake Gyllenhaal, among others but the most notable thing about it for me is how much Celine Dion looks like Jennifer Aniston.


MonkeyOne said...

They could have chosen a cooler song. Just listen to the lyrics - 'you're not welcome anymore'?

Sarah said...

Good Point, I guess they were going for the whole gay icon disco thing....?

Lil Sista! said...

Well Sar,
if you are saying 'OMG' I think that would make you about 14.


Do I have a GSOH or what?

Sarah said...