Friday 18 January 2008

Bringing back Chris

Today on LiveDrive the Fartist vote garnered one of the most enthusiastic responses ever (that's featured artist for those of you that don't commute, we face off two "artists" for the privilege of lots of play the following week)
Typically, because of the diversity of the listenership, the fartist vote splits things down the middle, we had Diamonds and Pearls last week (Neil Diamond Vs Pearl Jam) and it went right to the wire before Pearl Jam scraped through just before the end of the show.
Recently, for the craic as much as anything else, I've been campaigning on the show to "bring back Chris" and to the horror and delight of the listeners in the midst of our ecletic playlist I've sneaked in Don't Pay The Ferryman and Ship To Shore. Such was the reaction that we decided to give old Chris a shot at Fartist and so this morning we offered up the choice of De Burgh Vs. De Mode. The result was some of the funniest texts we've had "you're giving us a choice of electronic or catatonic" "this should separate the tranny lovers from the nanny lovers among us" loads of votes for Crispy Burger and Cheesburger, not to mention a deluge of monobrow related comments prompting Paul from Live Drive to say that if Depeche Mode are New Wave then Chris De Burgh is highbrow.
Unbelievably (or perhaps not) Mr. Chris De Burgh WON, so next week the playlist will be peppered with the likes of Lonely Sky, Say Goodbye To It All, Spanish Train and In A Country Churchyard, and OH YEAH High On Emotion (anything pre Lady In Red in fact). By next Friday I'm sure that my Campaign to bring back Chris will been an unmitigated success, or, more likely, the novelty will have completely worn off.
I'm off now to buy a Chris De Burgh Best Of CD!


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