Thursday 29 November 2007

I liked Lions For Lambs

I finally got to go and see Lions For Lambs the other night and I really enjoyed it. It hasn't had a great critical response and a lot of people seem to find it a bit preachy, but I thought it brought some fairly reasonable and logical ideas and perspectives together in one place. It's feels shorter than it's 88 minutes, flying by in a flurry of catchy one-liners..."I am not running for president.....Do you want to win the war on terror, yes or know....I was drafted...etc. Tom Cruise plays a suitably smarmy republican senator (rather perfectly!) Meryl Streep is great (as always) as a jaded journalist sick of the bulls**t, and Robert Redford is quite charming. It plays out a lot like an episode of The West Wing, which has inspired me to think about watching that whole series again.
Go and see the movie while it's still in the cinema.
Along with the movies release, Robert Redford et al ran an online video competition asking people what they stand for. The winning video is posted here.

Initially, when I started watching this I responded a little cynically, but I changed my mind. I wish more parents would act on this advice.

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