Tuesday 11 September 2007

Free Music From Moby

This week on Critical Junctions on Live Drive we are featuring Mobys Album Play.
The album is well known to most because of the humongous amount of licensing of tracks from the album for commercial use, so much so in fact that it had already made huge profits before going platinum.

While reading up on Moby I came across this on his website.
Basically he is offering up his music for free use by non profit organisations, student films and the like. And if you want to use it for profit making initiatives, you can get an easy license directly from him and the money is donated to the Humane society.

Log in, listen, choose, download, it's that simple!

Now, anyone that knows anything about making videos and movies knows that the soundtrack is a big deal. A good soundtrack HEAPS on production value.

I joined up, logged in, and the music available is amazing!

My mind is boggled with the possibilities....


Le Catch said...

Hey Sarah,

Album Archive Blog has moved to Wordpress:


RapturePonies said...

When my nephew was a baby, he used to sleep with the radio on. He'd be grand until a moby song would come on. He would always without fail wake up crying, only when moby songs came on, same thing happened when one was on telly either!

it was way weird!

Sarah said...

That is weird...a lot of Moby music is kinda relaxing...he must have been plugged in to the inate evilness of advertising.