Friday 13 July 2007

Random facts or kinda....

8 random facts have been demanded of me by Le Catch, by way of being tagged, He got it of Una who got it of Rick.

It's a kind of meme and there are rules, but I am breaking the rule posting bit and the tagging bit. (a small voice inside says sorry)

Here are some random facts about me.

1. I am completely allergic to Lamb, Mutton, Goat and Sheep Cheese. Cafe Bar Deli is a particular minefield.

2. When I was in school studying grammar was out of fashion and off the curriculum, words like noun, verb and adjective are mysterious to me.

3. Stephen Spielberg once sent me a Christmas card.

4. I collect fridge magnets but I no longer have a magnetic fridge (darned integration) so now they just live in a little box.

5. I briefly dropped out of college, got dreadlocks and hitch hiked to Europe with two friends, a guitar and a tambourine. I survived by busking even though I could only play one song, Talking About A Revolution By Tracy Chapman

6. I spent half my SSIA on a single piece of Art, it's amazing.

7. My first record was an Elvis Compilation, I was obsessed, then I loved Prince (still do) Nowadays I just like a whole bunch of stuff, I miss the singular focus of having one musical hero.

8. I hate Soaps, really really hate them.


toni Ireton said...

thats coz you havnt been sucked in by soaps, im curently trying to break the chain, but its hard going.... :(

Le Catch said...

I've only just realised you have your own blog! *slaps forehead*

Great facts.....any chance of a pic of that piece of art you bought?....I'm intrigued!

Le Catch said...

Hi Toni! We seem to bumping into each other a lot these days? ;)

Una said...

I want to hear more about this Christmas card

Critical Junk said...

The Soaps - Break the chain by becoming addicted to Box Sets, it work's for me.

The Art - an Atsushi Kaga drawing, it's huge, about 1.5 meter by 2 meter, I have just found out it has to go to London to be framed, mucho €€€€ AND it won't be back until sometime in October, I hope :(

The came with a Fortnum and Mason Hamper stocked full of goodies, I guess he liked me!;)