Wednesday 27 June 2007

What does the Social Networking Site you use say about you?

I ask this because I have recently joined facebook. There is a little voice inside that worries that it might be too square, but that is balanced out by the fact that I think bebo is too young and myspace is too ugly. Yes. Ugly. What's with the black people? Its like a teen bedroom flashback.

I am looking for calm, no auto play of tracks I don't like, no frattish pics, no shout outs, no twentysomething teen wannabees being kerayzee.

Facebook called offering serenity on a blue and white page and a chance to open my world up to The Willie O Dea Fanclub (16 Members) and consider joining the Single In Clonmel group, for no other reason than to increase its numbers from a rather depressing 1 :(

Most useful also is the facebook Market Place, a little like craigslist. Here, in the Ireland marketplace you can purchase the lovely Padraig Mc Auliffe for a mere £3, his friend, who has offered him up assures us that although he isn't house trained, he makes a good companion!

With only 16000 odd members in Ireland so far it's all fairly quiet, which just gives me more time to surf around and fiddle with my profile and the nifty little applications on offer. The iLike app has let me know that so far I am a music novice and more play is required to improve my score EEK! Must go.


sabre said...

facebook is the way forward - bebo is just a frantically camp hangout for 16year old girls and myspace is full of has-been celebrities trying to increase their profile (Stan Collymore - 'nuff said)

Lil Sista! said...

A pedant writes:

'What's with the black people?'

I'm assuming this is an error in punctuation rather than a blatant example of how not to be PC!!